Wednesday, August 03, 2016

List Posts

I signed up to do a 7 day blog challenge with Problogger. The first post was assigned yesterday and the assignment was "Do a list post". Let me detour briefly to tell you I write "How-To's" at work for a variety of tasks and functions. They may include steps 1., 2., 3., with screen shots or bullet points. They are technical and I'm always looking for inventive ways to make sure the items further down the  process don't get missed. I'm not a trained technical writer but over 20 years, I've become good at writing instructions and training documents. So... no big deal for doing blog challenge,... right? Wrong! I'm on day 2 and still stuck on day 1's challenge because I hate lists.

Types of lists I utterly fail at:

1. To-Do:  I start with good intentions but delete various to-do lists months or years after they were written.

2. Grocery list: I invariably lose the list in the parking lot or store. When I find someone's list in a shopping cart I smile and feel a kinship with that unknown shopper.  Sometimes I get good ideas or tips from the found list!

3. Packing list: Fail! I just pack the night before or morning of the trip always saying , I can buy what I forget. This leads to adventure with toothpaste in foreign countries.

Lists are just not for me unless you need a how-to. Now I can work on today's challenge.

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